Friday, June 22, 2012

Project 366 Rewind {Week 24}

Another week has flown by so fast, and I'm almost half way through this project.

Day 162 (10 June) - After having no roses for 3 years, I finally bought a rose for our little garden. This one is called Chicago Peace - beautiful colours & a soft perfume.

Day 163 (11 June) - New growth.

Day 164 (12 June) - From a low angle.

Day 165 (13 June) - Come sit a while...

Day 166 (June 14) - I was tagged on Instagram to do a green themed collage of 9 images.

Day 167 (June 15) - A different view of my city from the other side with the Story bridge in the foreground. It's called "the river city" for a reason - the river bends around the city centre. In the floods of Jan 2011, almost the entire city centre was under water.

Day 168 (June 16) - Another trip into Southbank and I can't resist photographing the Brisbane Wheel. This time I tried a different angle. I love the white against the blue cloudless sky.

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Carletta said...

Love come sit awhile and the cityscape - stunning!

Michael S-B said...

Beautiful pictures, Liz. I love the way your creativity has developed in the last year. The quality of your photos, the creative eye in how you take them, then the selection and the way you edit them, show how much you have grown as a photographer.

Seeing Each Day said...

Wow. As in wow. Your 13th and 15th June photos... beautiful... but all I can think of is wow.

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Liz, I so love your blog and your beautiful photos.
They are great.
Liz, you want to show us the beauty of this world.
Thank you very much.

Graham Edwards said...

That's the first time I've ever seen a picture of Brisbane waterfront. That's one of the great things about blogging. Super shot too.

La sonrisa de Hiperion said...

Encantador blog el tuyo, un placer haberme pasado por tu espacio.

Saludos y feliz tarde de domingo.

Stasha said...

Your weeks look just as beautiful in photos as they must be in real life. Love your photography. Looking at it make me happy.

Anonymous said...

Favourites - Day 164 & 165. But they are all incredible!

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