Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project 366 Rewind {Week 29-30}

I've been very sick all last week with the flu & I also developed a chest infection (which stirred up my asthma). I basically spent the week in bed, or on the couch. So, I didn't get to post Week 29 last Monday. This post is both weeks combined.

I've barely touched my camera over the last week either, so I haven't really captured any images for Week 30... but I managed to do some editing which I will count as my images.

Day 197 (July 15) - Superb Fairy Wren singing it's heart out at Roma Street Parklands. This bird was a "lifer" for me.

Day 198 (July 16) - I dropped in to Roma Street Parklands again (after an appointment) with my friends macro lens. I loved all the colours in this shot... and the white butterfly!

Day 199 (July 17) - Another trip into the city (for another appointment). I love the Brisbane Town Hall, in King George Square.

Day 200 (July 18) - In our unit complex common area, a family of Masked Lapwings are making a nusiance of themselves. This young chick strayed from the family group and the parents were getting very protective.

Day 201 (July 19) - St Mary's Church, Kangaroo Point. Michael had the day off, so we took the opportunity to have a picnic lunch & photography walk at Kangaroo Point & along the river.

Day 202 (July 20) - Looking up.

Day 203 (July 21) - Pigeon portrait

Day 204 (July 22) - Boats on the bay, Wynnum, QLD. It was a beautiful afternoon so we drove out to the bay to take in the sunset & fresh air.

I became quite sick with the flu, so the majority of my photography for the next week consisted of editing images in Lightroom 4.

Day 205 (July 23) - Catching the light, Wynnum, QLD.
Day 206 (July 24) - Wynnum sunset.

Day 207 (July 25) - Juvenile Silver Gull portrait.

Day 208 (July 26) - Rainbow Lorikeet. Frequent visitors to our backyard. I heard them chattering and grabbed my camera for a shot.
Day 209 (July 27) - I saw this cloud formation out of the back window, just as the sun began to set, & grabbed my camera.

Day 210 (July 28) - An Instagram challenge for #4oftrees. This was my contribution.

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♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

So beautiful are these photos...and your writing adds value o your blog.
Very nice!!!!!

FilipBlog said...

All your pictures are great, sorry to hear that you had the flu.


TexWisGirl said...

the 'looking up' shot is my favorite, i think. the pigeon portrait is gorgeous. the baby lapwing is too cute! the fairy wren is ADORABLE!

hoping you are feeling much better now!

Jerry said...

How miserable having the flu, hopefully sounds like you are on the right side of it now. Keep the lovely photos coming - I know I don't always comment but I do love looking at them. I think the Fairy Wren is especially charming!

Giga said...

Mam nadzieję, że się już dobrze czujesz. *** Wszystkie zdjęcia są wspaniałe, a zauroczyło mnie pierwsze. Pozdrawiam.
I hope to have good feel. *** All photos are wonderful, and charmed me first. Yours.

Gina Kleinworth said...

WOW Liz- I am amazed that you were able to capture anything with how you were feeling, but these are amazing. You sure do have an excellent eye for the things around you.

Seeing Each Day said...

Sorry you've had such an awful week. Love your first bird capture, and the fact that he's singing!! I think your sunset shot is an absolute stunner- one of those photos where you could look at it for ages.

Juliana said...

Oh, so funny birds!
Especially first two)))
Love it! great shots

xoxo, Juliana

Michael S-B said...

Awesome photos. Liz, you are getting better and better as a photographer. Favourites? I loved them all, but maybe the baby lapwing the most - seriously, all of them are excellent xo

Carole M. said...

lovely post Liz and I LOVE your fairy-wren photograph; it certainly is a winner. You take care and get lots better...

Brian King said...

Hope you are starting to recover! The flu is nasty business. Your shots are just gorgeous! Some of my favorites are the town hall, Lapwing chick, pigeon, gull, and the beautiful scenic shots!

Serendipityissweet said...

Your images are always so inspiring Liz! You amaze me!! I'm sorry you were unwell. I hope you are feeling much better now.
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work. I love them all, but that "looking up" just speaks to me ;)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Your photos are all great. My favorites are the little Fairy Wren, the sunset and the cloud formation.
I hope you are feeling better.

Nadege, said...

A beautiful collection...the shot of the little Fairy Wren is just superb.

Anonymous said...

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Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful series this is.
I especially love the pigeon portrait!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Wonderful collection Liz, my favourites are 198 and 199, great shot of Town Hall.

Anonymous said...

Love the sunset shot with the bird flying pass.

Anonymous said...

I greatly adore your bird portraits. The pigeon portrait was sharp and crisp!

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