Sunday, October 14, 2012

In Loving Memory & Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

There is a profile on Instagram which is hosting Breast Cancer Awareness Month challenges/linkups (including other cancer awareness) with donations going to the cancer awareness charity of the winners choice.

As cancer has touched my family many times, I was happy to show my support and join them in putting the word out. The idea was to choose a ribbon colour for the cancer awareness charity we were supporting and explain why we are supporting that charity.

Below is my first post:

PINK (Breast Cancer). My first submission for the Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge. My mother is a two time survivor. I am also a high risk candidate and had a scare earlier this year.

My second post:

WHITE (Lung Cancer) & PINK (Breast Cancer).
White to honour my children's paternal Grandma who lost her battle with Lung Cancer in 2008. Both White & Pink to honour a dear friend who lost her battle with Lung Cancer (secondary to Breast Cancer) only a few weeks ago. And Pink, again to honour my mother.

My third post (today):

LAVENDER (All Cancers). In honour of my children's Great Aunt (their Grandma's sister) who was taken 3 weeks ago today (on their Grandma's birthday) after a 10 year battle with Bowel Cancer. Today we attended her Memorial service & celebrated her life. A life full of love, courage, strength, laughter and rising above adversity.

My children also lost their paternal Grandfather to Pancreatic Cancer in 1996.


Bas. said...

wat is het heerlijk om van jou zoveel bloemen te ontvangen,ons weekend kan niet meer stuk.

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Hi Liz!
I support you in what you are doing!
Great text and a great goal!

GOOSE said...

Beautiful photos for a great cause. And I thank you on behalf of my MOM.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Beautiful photos. I too have been touched by cancer and I love this. B

MadSnapper said...

a perfect and beautiful tribute to your family and loved ones. that bee is just gorgeous

Rosemary Aubut said...

Gorgeous captures Liz!

Steph said...

Beautiful pictures made even greater with the words that go with them.

Michael S-B said...

Beautiful, Liz:)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

The photos to support the fight for cancer are beautiful. Sorry for the loss of your family members and congratulations to your mother for being a two tine survivor.

Graham Edwards said...

I think I'd choose yellow for prostate cancer.

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