Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cabarita Beach, Tweed Coast

Four weeks ago, we headed down to Northern NSW for a weekend with my mother-in-law. We stayed at Cabarita Beach on the Tweed Coast. The Cabarita Foreshore Trail takes you out onto Norrie's Headland which gives you uninterrupted views to the north & south.
Looking south...

Looking north...

It's a beautiful walk up the headland.

The southern beach

The northern view from the top of the headland.

I spy a fisherman

The view south from the top of the headland...

I came across some other photographers shooting a video.

There is so much beauty along the Tweed Coast and this is "just the tip of the iceberg".

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Sunset at Wellington Point

Wellington Point, in Moreton Bay, is one of my favourite places to take in a sunset. It's not only a beautiful spot but also holds many memories for me, of my children growing up. We lived only 1km away and visited often. It's a very popular spot for families, fishing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and strolling along the jetty.
In the Winter, it is incredibly peaceful... I often go down with my camera & lose myself in nature. With water on both sides of the point, it's perfect for sunset or sunrise.

Those small black things in the centre of the image are a camera crew, from one of the main TV stations in our city. They ignored the rising tide and got themselves stranded on the King Island (middle right of the photo). At low tide you can walk from the mainland to the island.

The camera crew were a great talking point for those enjoying the beautiful sunset. I think they added a little bonus interest in my shot too!!

Video cameras, tripods & gear all raised above heads as they entered the waist deep water...

It was a beautiful Winter sunset that night!

There are 1440 minutes in every day... 1440 opportunities to capture or appreciate a moment of beauty. What have you captured?

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday: Diary of the Black Swan

I took these shots last year and somehow never shared them. These were taken over the space of about 8 weeks.

Mumma Swan checks her eggs and moves them around...

5 beautiful Black Swan cygnets (05/07/2012)...

I was intrigued by the way the mother Black Swan swam with her wings open. Apparently it's so the little cygnets can climb on if they get tired.

A month later, the cygnets have grown so much (08/08/2012)...


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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday: Eastern Osprey

Last weekend we went to Cabarita Beach on the Tweed Coast in Northern NSW for a few days. We only had one fine day while we were there. It rained the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday we drove to Norries Headland which is the headland at the south end of Cabarita Beach. While up on the headland I saw two birds of prey circling around looking for food.

I took almost 1000 shots and managed about 30 keepers. I was absolutely rapt to get these shots of an Eastern Osprey while sitting on the edge of the cliff. I still don't own a decent birding lens. My Canon 7D is a brilliant camera for bird photography (8 frames per second & hi speed continuous shooting) but I am still using my basic 55-250mm kit lens from my Canon 1100D.

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Our World Tuesday: Marcoola to Point Arkwright to Coolum Beach

Continuing my Sunshine Coast beach series...

Marcoola Beach... Simply stunning!

Between Point Arkwright and Coolum Beach are 3 small rock-bound beaches. There are small car parks above each beach with steep paths/steps down to the beach.

It was definitely worth the steep climb down.

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