Monday, January 30, 2017

St. Paul's Beach & Jubilee Point.

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A short distance from Diamond Bay Road, is another similar road (St Pauls Road) leading to another beautiful stretch of Mornington Peninsula National Park's rugged coastline.

Accessible from St Pauls Road, St Pauls Beach is a small sandy bay bordered by wild cliffs on the Bass Strait coast of the Mornington Peninsula. Rock pools and craggy outcrops on the rock platform make this a wonderful place to explore. St Pauls is not only more difficult to reach (than Diamond Bay Beach), but has higher waves at high tide and more rocks and reefs along the beach.

Some of the stunning views from Coppins Track, looking east towards Portsea and beyond.

The view east from St Pauls Lookout towards Portsea.

Heading west, the Coastal Walk passes yet another scenic detour at Jubilee Point which, on a clear day provides spectacular views of Cape Schanck to the east and as far as the Otways to the west.
Looking towards Diamond Bay & Bay of Islands from Jubilee Point.

If you are on the Mornington Peninsula, the coastal walks of the National Park are definitely worth exploring, even if only parts of them (as we did). The views are extremely picturesque, especially on a clear blue day.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Diamond Bay, Sorrento, Victoria

In Mornington Peninsula's Sorrento, Diamond Bay Road leads to a small car park behind the beach which is accessed from a walking track and steep staircase.

Diamond Bay, named after the Diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria, is a popular family beach surrounded by impressive sandstone cliffs. The site is a popular location for surf fishing as it is slightly more protected than other areas of the coast with extensive rock platforms.

To add to its already stellar personality and help serve as an inviting beach, the water in the bay is a clear shade of blue.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Story Bridge Lights

Brisbane's iconic Story Bridge was illuminated yellow for the majority of the 75 years since it was built.

For a few years now, the bridge has been illuminated with different colours. Typically each lighting display on the bridge is to commemorate a special day in history, raise awareness for charities and showcase upcoming events. Here are the most common displays:


One of the vast array of colours used during the Brisbane Festival fireworks.

Purple (charities such as Bravehearts Day, Epilepsy awareness Purple Day or Elder Abuse Day)

Rainbow for any LGBTI causes.

Green for Australia Day and any number of Australian sporting events or causes.

Orange for "Colour the World Orange Day", a cause for nerve pain awareness.


Red for "Red Bow Day" (the annual fundraising campaign for Muscular Dystrophy Queensland)

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