Friday, July 28, 2017

A Fabulous Weekend Away in the Country

Two weeks ago, Michael & I had the opportunity to stay in a gorgeous 100+ year old Queenslander for 3 nights, owned by Suzanne & Tony "McHolden" (via AirBnB)

On our arrival, Suz was most welcoming; providing us with a tour of the house, information on the area, as well as providing us with suggestions of local places to get a great meal. Suz even went above & beyond by recommending great spots for me to photograph sunset! 

The house was clean, cozy, relaxing, well appointed and a great home away from home. We also appreciated the lovely warm fire each evening while watching a movie or reading.

While I enjoyed photographing the property and local birdlife, Michael was in his element playing his Cello on the front verandah during sunset.

We thoroughly enjoyed eating breakfast while enjoying the view, and sipping a nice wine in the afternoon, on the front verandah.

There was even a rusty old barn on the next door property!

We are incredibly grateful to Suz & Tony for opening their home so we could enjoy a wonderful weekend away!"

More images of the Scenic Rim area to come in another post....

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Shorncliffe Pier Refurbishment

Shorncliffe Pier is Brisbane's largest timber pier and was constructed in the 1880s. It is one of the longest recreational piers in Australia, reaching approximately 350 metres out into Bramble Bay. It also forms part of the Sandgate/Shorncliffe foreshore and is a feature of Moora Park. 

The pier is well known and used throughout the local community and is popular with residents and visitors to Brisbane. It is an iconic part of the Bramble Bay foreshore and holds great historic significance in the Brisbane City Council region. 

In March 2012, Brisbane City Council closed the pier to public access, due to safety concerns associated with the condition of the structure. A number of the pier’s piles, headstocks and girders were inspected and found to be in such poor condition that the risk of structural failure was too high to allow the pier to remain open for public use. The plan was to 'renew" the pier at a cost of $20 million.

Old pier showing uneven boards and railings.

The pier removal works commenced in mid November 2014. Construction began in early 2015 and is now complete. In early 2016 the restoration and rebuild of the pier was completed, and it was officially opened to the public on Friday 25 March 2016 in conjunction with the Bluewater Festival.

The pier is perfect for picnics, photography, fishing or even just a stroll. Many locals use the pier to walk their dogs.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

FAMILY: Blessings and Gratitude

I rarely get the opportunity to get out to photograph sunset, or much else these days. If I do, it's a quick backyard sunset (as above) while I'm preparing dinner. I do hope to get back into more photography eventually, but right now, I am loving spending more time with family; particularly the 4 of our  9 young adult children who still live at home and love going on weekly coffee dates, shopping dates, or day trips to the mountains or the beach.
 **Apparently we are still cool enough to hang out with!! :) **

Family life has changed so much since August 2016!

My oldest son is back in our lives, (I hope & pray, this time for good), as his marriage has broken down irretrievably. He is currently living with us while he tries to get back on his feet. As all loving parents would, we have been here to support, guide and love him through the process of rebuilding his life and fighting for his 4 young children and the ability to see them. The legal process doesn't come easy when you (and your family) don't have the finances to pay for Family Lawyers but you don't qualify for Legal Aid. It's been a very hard road for him.

We have been having our 4 grandchildren (7, 5, 3 & 21 months) for the day on most Sundays, which has been a wonderful answer to prayer. We are loving getting to know our grandchildren; spending time with them each week, watching them grow and develop, and observing their unique little personalities. They are such precious little people and I have so much love for them!

We also have our 5th grandchild on the way, which is very exciting!

We've had some difficulties to deal with this year, but we've had so many more blessings. I choose to be grateful in it all, the good & the bad.

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” - Maya Angelou

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