Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday: Little Pied Cormorant

These images were taken a few years ago down at Cleveland Point and somehow never edited or shared.

The Little Pied Cormorant is one of the most common of Australia's waterbirds, occurring on water bodies of almost any size. It is entirely black above and white below. The face is dusky and, in adult birds, the white of the underside extends to above the eye. Immature birds resemble the adults except there is no white above the eye.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Blue Day in the Great Sandy Strait

Probably one of the most stunning days I have had out on a boat was this day... Out in the Great Sandy Strait. We were heading out on a Dolphin & Orca Watching trip.

The Great Sandy Strait is an 70 km Australian sand passage estuary separating mainland Queensland, from World Heritage listed Fraser Island.

The day began like this at 8:45am; Blue skies with low lying fog over Fraser Island.

The closer we got to Fraser Island, the thicker the fog, and the worse the visibility became with no blue sky in sight...

Around 1pm, blue skies reappeared above and a 'Fogbow' appeared. A fogbow is a phenomenon similar to a rainbow, produced by sunlight shining on fog.

As we headed back to the Mainland, the fog continued to lift...

And the sky was the most beautiful blue with white fluffy clouds...


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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday: The Meeting

On one of my walks a few years ago, I came across these birds, 2 Noisy Miners and a Grey Butcherbird. I was intrigued that the Noisy Miners weren't harassing the Butcherbird, which is their usual behaviour with any other bird species, so I decided it must be an important meeting! (insert sarcastic tone)

I loved the fluffy juvenile Noisy Miner on the left! I've nicknamed the three, Fluffy, Noisy and Butch.

Butch was intently focussed on something...

As was Fluffy...

Noisy and Butch checking for eavesdroppers...

And getting down to serious business...

**I'm not great with captions like some of my fellow bloggers, but this was a little fun**

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Summer Days at Mount Martha Beach

One of the beaches we visit regularly when we stay on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula is Mount Martha beach. It's an easy walk, or a very short drive, from my parents house and a beautiful place to spend a few hours or to catch a summer sunset.

Summer days; blue skies, wispy clouds, crystal clear water & colourful beach umbrellas...

Iconic bathing boxes...


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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday: Silver Gull

I'm a bird lover... So much so, that I could be accused of being a little obsessed with one of the least liked birds. They are considered a pest on the beach, and a "chip thief" by those who love fish & chips by the sea.

I am of course talking about the Silver Gull, better known as the Seagull.

I don't know what it is about them, but I just love their cheeky characters and funny antics!

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