Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project 366 Rewind {Week 15 & 16}... VERY late

So I missed linking up over the last 2 weeks, so here's weeks 15 & 16, which are both very late... but life happens and sometimes not how we expected. I was really grateful that my husband had his first 2 weeks holidays in almost 18 months. We spent these 2 weeks doing day trips or afternoon drives to discover more of our region.

Day 99 - Welcome Swallow, taken at Minnippi Parklands which is just a very short walk from my house and full of great photo opportunities. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see many images from my walks here.

Day 100 - Autumn leaves. Yes, it's Autumn on my side of the world. Living in a tropical climate, we don't see much of the colour changes of the leaves like I was used to growing up down south.

Day 101 - Eerie Moon. I noticed this while we were outside cooking a BBQ and just had to go inside and grab my camera & tripod.

Day 102 - Roses aren't always red. Pretty in Pink... these are the roses I dedicated to my dear friend Susie who lost her son last week.

Day 103 - Sunset from our backyard.

Day 104 - Monarch Butterfly... I almost trod on this one.

Day 105 - Field of Dreams. Discovering more beauty in our region. Cane fields with mountain backdrop and fluffy clouds... sigh

Day 106 - Chasing Rainbows. We had a few days of intermittent rain and many rainbows.

Day 107 - Sunset at Jacobs Well, QLD. This sunset is dedicated to a wonderful young man who lost his life today 16/04/2012. Patrick you are dearly loved by so many people.
I consider this family to be part of mine, and the loss is tremendous. An amazing young man with so much to give; involved in leadership in his church, inputting into the lives of others, impacting so many people (possibly without even knowing), gentle, loving, caring, gifted.
I consider myself blessed to have known you for 15 years. You were far too young and you will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.
RIP Patrick Francis Mundy ❤

Day 108 - Lake Baroon, Sunshine Coast hinterland, QLD. Another day trip to a beautiful area and a new discovery.

Day 109 - Sunset & powerlines from Maleny, QLD. I used to consider powerlines as a annoyance in a landscape shot... That changed recently, thanks to a photographer whose work I admire greatly.

Day 110 - Black Swan. Taken at Lake Eden, QLD - another discovery, thanks to a fellow bird photographer.

Day 111 - Manly Marina reflections, QLD. There's nothing like still water, blue skies, fluffy clouds and boats...

Day 112 - Wynnum Pier mosaics. Another day of blue skies & fluffy clouds.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Texture Thursday, This or That & Sky Watch Friday

It's been a difficult week but, over the last few days, I've ventured out with my camera. I am always amazed & grateful for the beauty of nature but, I think being touched by the death of a loved one, you tend to look at everything in life with an even deeper appreciation. (and I thought I was pretty deep)

I have always loved "looking up" and marvelling at the sky; colour, cloud formations, sunsets, the moon... I am a bit obsessed!! This week was even more so...

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wordless/Wordful Wednesday: ANZAC Day 2012

Today, April 25, we remember those who fought for our country & our freedom... some of those who fought in WWI &WWII were my family (some lost their lives) and I am forever grateful for their sacrifice.

Lest We Forget.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My apologies to my followers for not responding to your lovely comments on my recent posts. I promise I will be back on deck & scouring through your wonderful blogs again shortly.

Losing one of my dear friend's children last Monday has taken it's toll on myself & my children.

I have struggled to find the joy I usually get from taking photos, even though my husband has taken me out on photography day trips to cheer me up. Editing my images has also been particularly difficult over the last week. The funeral is tomorrow (well today actually as it's 2am here) and I hope that the Celebration of his wonderful but short life tomorrow will bring some kind of closure.

Sorry for the seriousness of this post - most of my followers are used to my photography being the main theme of my blog. I leave you with some images I took a couple of weeks ago. This is Autumn in my sub tropical part of the world.

MM3        studio waterstone

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend Reflections: Ducks on the Pond

Here are some images from our local lake... barely 1km from our house.

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Skywatch Friday: Waning Moon

Three days after the Good Friday full moon, I looked up into the sky and couldn't resist grabbing my camera...

And after the eerie clouds separated, I captured a nice clear shot of the waning moon.

Skywatch Friday

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life's too short...

This evening I was going to publish a few posts for my usual link ups but a phone call from my oldest daughter changed all that. She called to ask if I had heard about my dear friend Susie's number 2 son, Patrick, who took his life earlier this morning. This young man was my youngest son Ben's best mate through primary school, they were inseparable back then, graduated highschool together in 2008, and have remained friends since.

Far too young to leave this world; Patrick was only 20 years old!!

I have dedicated this sunset to Patrick...

This family has seen enough sadness in the last 12 months. Susie's beautiful Mum was diagnosed with cancer last year (for the second time) and lost her battle on July 1st 2011. Not long after, Susie's marriage broke down after 22 years. Now, Susie will be burying her son. And on Mother's Day, she will not only be without her Mum for the first time, but also her son.

These flowers are for my beautiful friend Susie... May she and her family know God's peace, love, strength & comfort at this time.

I consider this family to be part of mine, and the loss is tremendous. An amazing young man with so much to give; involved in leadership in his church, inputting into the lives of others, impacting so many people (possibly without even knowing), gentle, loving, caring, gifted.

I can only be comforted by the fact that he is now reunited with his Creator & his beloved Grandma.

Rest in Peace, Patrick Francis Mundy. You will be forever loved & missed...

Counting more gratitudes...

131. People who come into our lives for just a short time, but who touch our hearts forever.
132. The privilege of knowing a young man of God who impacted so many lives, possibly without even knowing.
133. Not understanding why, but knowing this young man is now at peace.
134. Being able to love, comfort, encourage & pray for friends in their time of need (just as they did in our times of need).
135. The blessings of friendship & fellowship.
136. Friendships that stand the test of time.
137. The gift of memories of loved ones gone but not forgotten.
138. The gift & blessing of a life partner just over 2 years ago, to walk through trials with me, who has not walked away when my health declined more and who loves me more each day.
139. Discovering a new hobby (photography) to keep me occupied and take my mind off my physical pain.
140. Trips out on Michael's days off to lose myself in nature.
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