Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lake Moogerah

A couple of days after Christmas, my husband Michael & I decided to drive out to Lake Moogerah to capture sunset. We hadn't been there since August 2012, and I had a particular spot I wanted to photograph sunset from.

Our first stop was the recreation area near the observatory. Being Summer, there was a lot of water sport happening on the lake.

Although it was a very hot day, there was adequate shade to sit under.

The view across Lake Moogerah from the observatory.

And finally, to our sunset destination; down a private road to this lovely inlet, filled with dead trees...

And then the sky began to colour up, in spite of the heavy cloud hanging about...

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday: Brown Honeyeater

We only have one trees & a few shrubs in our tiny Townhouse courtyard, but the largest tree is a 3-4m high Grevillea. It is regularly visited by various Honeyeaters, one of which is the Brown Honeyeater.

It's a very tiny bird, with a loud and melodious song, and rarely sits still long enough to eat, let alone to be photographed. Over a few months I managed to capture these images:

Sorry for my absence on here over the last month, life has been rather hectic. I'm hoping to end the posting drought as of today. :)

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