Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wild Bird Wednesday: Osprey Catch of the Day

My husband, Michael, had a full weekend rostered off and we had planned to do 2 day trips. On Saturday we drove down to the Gold Coast and on Sunday we drove up to the Sunshine Coast. It was a wild and windy weekend.
On Sunday, it was extremely overcast and the wind was chilly but we decided to drive up the coast anyway. We stopped at Bulcock Beach in Caloundra. There were over 20 people out Kite Surfing in the huge winds. My husband spied an Osprey above us, looking for fish. The conditions weren't ideal for bird photography but I gave it a shot, hoping I might capture something with the bird that close.

Click on the images to see them at original size.

As you can see, the light was incredibly poor...

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Nurture Photography Challenge: Red/Foilage

It's Spring here in Australia, so I'm bringing some Spring reds to you...

Red Daisies...

Red & yellow roses...

I'm not sure what these red beauties are...

Lovely miniature red roses...

A sea of red (and other colours)...

And I can't forget this beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet with his bright red breast and beak in the foilage of our backyard Grevillea!!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Project 366 Rewind {Week 40 &41}

I want to start this post with an apology to my followers and those I visit regularly. As you can see, I am almost a month behind in my Project 366 Rewind. I have been struggling severely healthwise which has affected my ability to process images, blog as I once did and even take at least one photo a day.
I really appreciate your visits and comments and I am trying so hard to catch up on all your blogs. My aim has always been to reply to every comment I receive by visiting your blogs and reading & commenting on all your recent posts. I know many bloggers don't do that but, that's my view of what I call "blog etiquette".
So please bear with me, I am trying hard to return to all your blogs and I will get there... thank you all kindly as I love this blogging community. It has been my saving grace throughout my journey with chronic illness. And your lovely comments never go unnoticed. :)

Day 274 (30 September) - Snap Dragons in Roma Street Parklands.

Day 275 (1 October) - Brisbane City Hall clock tower.

Day 276 (2 October) - The old & the new. The Cathedral of St Stephen.

Day 277 (3 October) - Rose Tea from T2.

Day 278 (4 October) - Follow the leader. Minnippi Parklands sunset.

Day 279 (5 October) - South Bank Parklands from Victoria Bridge.

Day 280 (6 October) - Customs House dome

Day 281 (7 October) - Brisbane GPO.

Day 282 (8 October) - Backyard sunset.

Day 283 (9 October) - Pale-headed Rosella. New visitors to our garden.

Day 284 (10 October) - Bar-tailed Godwit at King Island Conservation Park.

Day 285 (11 October) - Sailboats & blue skies at Wellington Point.

Day 286 (12 October) - Lesser Sand Plover at King Island Conservation Park

Day 287 (13 October) - Sunset silhouette.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Toowoomba Barn Charm

Further to my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday, this is what was beyond the barbed wire fence.
On a drive out west to Toowoomba, just before we drove up the mountain range, I noticed a barn. Of course, I had to stop and take a closer look....

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Wordless Wednesday:Beyond the Wire

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday's Fences: Somerset Region

I love our drives out west. These images were taken early last month out in the Somerset Region. There is something so incredibly peaceful, calming & therapeutic about the country. And you are surrounded by so much beauty...

There are 1440 minutes in every day… 1440 opportunities to capture a moment of beauty. What moment of beauty did you capture this week?
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