Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday: Silver Gull Shenanigans

I am a self confessed stalker of seagulls. Most people consider them to be pesky, chip stealing scavengers. However, I find them quite comical. Here are just some of my hundreds of seagull images taken this year on our visits up or down the coast.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Holidaying in Northern NSW: Part 5

High on the rocky headland, north of Lighthouse beach, is Tacking Point Lighthouse.

Built in 1879 and designed by NSW Colonial Architect, James Barnet, Tacking Point Lighthouse is one of 5 similarly designed navigational lighthouses. The other 4 being; Fingal Head Lighthouse, Richmond River Light,  Clarence River Light (now demolished) and Crowdy Head Lighthouse (all built between 1878-1880). Only Tacking Point Lighthouse & Crowdy Head Light still have the storeroom attached.

There are 1440 minutes in every day... 1440 opportunities to capture a moment of beauty.
What moment of beauty did you capture this week?

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Holidaying in Northern NSW: Part 4

After our huge day on the Central Coast of NSW, day 4 of our holiday involved exploring most of the beaches of Port Macquarie. The first 2 beaches are Town Beach & Oxley's Beach, which I didn't photograph.

The next beach south is Rocky Beach, which isn't the best for surfing or swimming due to it's abundance of rocks as the name suggests.

Flynn's Beach is the most popular beach at Port Macquarie with barbecue facilities, good surf and the surf club which patrols the beach.

The southern end of Flynn's Beach is quite rocky

Walking over the headland, you come to Nobby's Beach. Not the best for swimming due to the rocks but great to walk along. It is also popular with dog walkers. The high headland in the distance is Nobby's Head.

Nobby's Head provides some excellent views south...

My husband Michael made good use of his new binoculars. We saw a few whales far out to sea.

Continuing south, we walked along "The Kenny Walk" which winds along the rocky cliffs.

This rocky cove doesn't seem to have a name...

There were quite a number of Banksia trees along the Kenny Walk

Looking south across Shelley Beach, which provides some well protected swimming.

The top section of The Kenny Walk before the path leads down to Shelley Beach.

After this walk, we drove further south beyond Tacking Point to the expanse of Lighthouse Beach

Looking north, you can see Tacking Point Lighthouse on the headland in the distance. More on the lighthouse in my next post.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Holidaying in Northern NSW: Part 3

On the Sunday, We headed down to the Central Coast of NSW for an "Instameet" (a photography meet up of "Instagrammers"). I've met some amazing and wonderful photography lovers via Instagram and many live on the Central Coast of NSW.

About 6-8 weeks before our holiday, I had discussed and organised a photography meet with the assistance of one of my Instagram friends, Brad (Instagram ID: @hedgey_). I asked him to come up with an itinerary to show Michael & me around some of his favourite parts of the Central Coast. I then put up a post inviting anyone who wanted to join us for the day.
I was absolutely blown away by the response from those who live in the area or near by, and a number of my Instagram friends from Sydney decided to come up for the day. We even had 2 guys from Hawaii join in.

After a 360km drive, our day began at Snapper Point in the Munmorrah State Conservation Area at 11am. Initially the weather was quite overcast.
Unfortunately, due to my recent knee surgery, I wasn't able to do much rock climbing to get a closer look around the headland, so this view had to suffice.

Looking towards Wybung Head from Snapper Point.

Next we drove around to Wybung Head. This is the view north, looking back to where we had been at Snapper Point.

Looking out to the Ocean from Wybung Head. I can imagine how stunning all these landscapes are on a sunny day!

Next stop, Budgewoi Beach... still overcast!

Then on to Norah Head Lighthouse, an active lighthouse built between 1901-1903. Designed by the same architect as the Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Below Norah Head Lighthouse is a unique rock platform which was a great spot for reflection photography.

And provided a great spot for capturing the power of the incoming tide, with the backdrop of more incredible & rugged NSW headlands.

Final stop was Long Jetty (the name of the suburb and the jetty) on Tuggerah Lake.

We were treated to a lovely sunset...

And after sunset some of the guys who drove up from Sydney treated us with some Steel Wool Photography opportunities.

By the time we returned back to our accomodation in Port Macquarie, it was around 1am.

We had an incredible day meeting with some wonderful people who I now consider friends... all thanks to the iPhone/iPad Instagram app & a common love of photography.

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