Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project 366 Rewind {Week 12}

We were still moving, cleaning the old house and unpacking at the new townhouse this week. It's been very busy, physically & emotionally exhausting and I have pushed my body beyond what it is capable of doing (causing a great deal of pain).
We haven't been able to get our internet up and running, due to problems in the lines at the exchange, so we were forced to purchase a USB mobile broadband device mainly for the girls, and Michael & I have used our iPhones as "Personal Hotspot" modems for necessities (which is why I have hardly blogged all week).
Spring to Life was the theme for this week and although it's Autumn in Australia, I think these images fit the theme quite well.
Here is what I managed to capture in between the craziness... not a lot of variety but the best I could do.
Day 78 - My first edit using layered textures in PS Elements 10. I was quite happy with the result.

Day 79 - The Rainbow Lorikeets love the white Grevillea in my backyard. I never tire of photographing these cheeky birds & their antics.

Day 80 - A little more texture fun in PS Elements 10  (I think I prefer the previous edit better though)

Day 81 - The #marchphotoaday Challenge for 21st March was "Delicious".
Soy Chai Latte, Triple Chocolate Slice & Turkish Delight - afternoon treats with Michael & Bec after an appointment in the city.

Day 82 - Blue-faced Honeyeater in the trees in our new townhouse complex (my front yard)

Day 83 - More Rainbow Lorikeets in my front yard feasting on this colourful tree.

Day 84 - Feeding the ducks at Minnippi Parklands during an afternoon walk.

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TexWisGirl said...

your birds and blooms are beautiful. i hope you can get some rest, finally, liz!

Michael S-B said...

I love the idea of layering that you have been learning. It looks great. And I can just see the nature opportunities increasing with the lakes and parks just next door!!

admin said...

Love the gerbera photo!! hope you have settled in your new home x

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