Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September - The month of many birthdays!!

September is the month of 7 family birthdays - 6 of them in the space of 2 weeks!! It is usually rather crazy, but this year was even more so. This year saw a special celebration. My husband reached his "half century", 50 years old, and so I took on the task of organising a party (with the assistance of my daughter, Bec).

The invite list consisted of 31 immediate family members (our parents, our siblings, our children & their partners) and 6 very close friends. Sadly, for numerous reasons, none of our siblings or their partners could attend (most live in Melbourne, one in Sydney, one in Alaska), nor could my eldest son & his partner.

So what may have been a  relatively large celebration in our smallish home, became a small celebration of 19 family & a few friends.

A lovely evening was had by all though and the birthday boy was spoiled beyond his dreams...

Birthday boy!

                                           Bec & me                               Tamsyn & Michael - Photo credit to Bec (RAD Photography)

Photo of kitchen workers on far right - credit to Bec (RAD Photography)

                              Amy & Michael's Mum                          Tamsyn & Ben M - Photo credit to Bec (RAD Photography)

       Sarah & husband Oscar                                             Bec, Ben & Sarah (3 of my 4 children)

Jessica                                                                                Lizzie & Kathryn

My amazing parents

Food: Photo credits to Bec (RAD Photography)

Cake: Photo credits to Bec (RAD Photography)


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

So many happy faces and much yummy food. How wonderful to be surrounded by the generations. I had to look twice for the birthday boy - Michael looks much younger than 50.

Nadege, said...

The birthday cake looks yummy. Beautiful family photos and the birthday boy looks much too young for 50.

Liz said...

I know - it's NOT fair - he is an extremely young looking 50!!! I think I will go into hiding for my 50th!!

Dawn said...

Looks like a great party - and he looks terrific!

Michael S-B said...

Spoiled is the word ... thanks to Liz and Bec, who organised a wonderful day. Liz, you have done an excellent job and I am very proud of the wife you are, in so many ways. You certainly don't need to go into hiding - you are beautiful :)

Doc Bill said...

A great party with friends and family for a deserving "Birthday Boy"
Thank you to those put in so much planning and hard work

Ann & Bill

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