Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Search of Jacarandas

Last week, on my drive home from my usual Thursday specialist appointment in the city, I noticed that one of my favourite trees was beginning to bloom all over Brisbane - The Jacaranda.

I don't know what it is about these trees that brings me such excitment & joy but I do know it dates back to the year we moved to Grafton (NSW) from Melbourne (VIC) - it was 1988. We only lived there for a year, before we moved north to Brisbane (QLD), but the Jacaranda tree-lined streets in Grafton had a lasting impact on me.

I loved the Jacaranda so much, that planted one in our front yard when I bought my house in 1999 and photographed it every year as it grew taller and flowered each October. I just love the beautiful purple-blue flowers.

Driving home from numerous appointments & tests this week, I decided that I would find some worth photographing (as I no longer own my lovely home in the Redlands, near Moreton Bay).

On Thursday, I saw a meter parking spot as I drove past the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens so I pulled over and went for a little walk. I only managed to find one Jacaranda in the gardens.

However, when I walked down to the river, I found this one across the Brisbane River below the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

And this one, across the river beside St Mary's Anglican Church, Kangaroo Point.

I also discovered this one just beginning to bloom in front of a gorgeous little "Queenslander" on my way down to Wellington Point the other day:

And this the Jacaranda I planted back in 1999 when I bought my house - I can't believe how much it's grown in the last 2 years, since I sold my house!!
I love the carpet of fallen flowers on the lawn.

The same Jacaranda against the night sky:


Michael S-B said...

Liz, your creative eye is excellent. I love the perspective you achieved in these shots, and in the good selection of them. And the way you presented the whole story was very good :)

FilipBlog said...

I like the purble blue blossoms. You have also an interesting blog. I have added you to my blogrol.


Unknown said...

Gosh it is amazing, you can see it very far. Naturally I haven't seen it ever on live but I would like too:)

Filipina Ini said...

Lovely colors!

Unknown said...

I love Jacarandas too. I haven't seen any flowering in Sydney yet, I think it's been a bit cold..looking forward to seeing them flower in the next few weeks.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Beautifully done Liz. The jacas down here aren't out yet, but they are about to burst into flower everywhere.

Misty DawnS said...

Gorgeous... especially that last photo!

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